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The primary objectives of the organization are:

Create an alliance that includes all islands and nations of the Caribbean.

Portray to the American public the best of Jamaica and the Caribbean’s multifarious arts and lifestyles.

Promote cultural exchange between Jamaica and Alliance countries and the United States.

Establish intercultural alliances between Jamaicans and other cultural groups.

Dissipate stereotypical and inaccurate perceptions of Jamaican culture and that of the Caribbean at large.

Provide a platform for the positive expression of Jamaican and Caribbean arts, culture and lifestyle.

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“The Jamaica Cultural Alliance (JCA) is a Los Angeles 501(c) nonprofit organization with the objective of expanding and enriching American knowledge and awareness of Jamaican culture and heritage. Further, JCA is programmatically structured to facilitate the development of literature, education, the visual and performing arts , including music, all of which have their roots in both Jamaican and Los Angeles communities. The general goal of the Jamaica Cultural Alliance is to promote the best of Jamaica, its people and their multi-faceted lifestyles, in order to clarify and enhance the image of Jamaica and the Caribbean at large.”

JCA exists to maximize cultural exchange between Jamaica and the US. Strategically, Los Angeles has been chosen as the venue in which to initiate alliance efforts with Jamaica because strong correlations exist between the Californian and Jamaican physical environments, demographics, and diverse populations. For example, the motto for Jamaicans is “Out of many one people.” As printed on the Jamaican monetary medium of exchange, it indicates the successful and harmonious blending of many ethnicities and cultures into one. U.S. currency also proudly displays “EPLURIBUS UNUM” which means “Out of many, one.” Even the Los Angeles slogan “Together, we’re the best – LA” expresses this sentiment but actualizing the concept presents a daily challenge for us all. JCA envisions tremendous opportunities for establishing numerous ongoing and productive inter-cultural alliances. Schools, cultural and art organizations, in both Jamaica and Los Angeles, will be afforded greater growth advantages and increased outlets of expression.

“The founders of JCA reside on the West Coast in Los Angeles. They came together because individually each had become concerned with the lack of local outlets for Jamaican arts and culture. They perceived Californians as having a stereotyped and often incomplete or inaccurate perception of Jamaica and its people, and although the Jamaican Tourist Board and other organizations continue to effectively promote this small but dynamic country, until now these efforts have been largely concentrated on the East Coast and directed toward markets that were closer to Jamaica. ”

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